Alleged Police Brutality in Louisiana and Minnesota Spark More Black Lives Matter Movement Protests

The recent Louisiana and Minnesota shootings are the latest in white police officers shooting black citizens. The question arises, is this about racial police brutality or justifiable force to apprehend suspects. Many in the community are calling these recent shootings another case of law enforcement using excess force, sparking more Black Lives Matter movements.

Black Lives MatterIn Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alton Sterling, was a 37-year old man, working outside of a convenience store selling his homemade CD’s and was approached by police. The video is not clear whether Sterling had a gun in his hand or was reaching for a gun when he was shot. Either way, the Feds decided to open an investigation for a potential violation of Sterling’s civil rights. There are witnesses that claim they saw police pull a gun from Sterling’s pocket after he was shot. This case and many others like it have sparked angry protests throughout the black communities in Louisiana and across the country, many known as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Several hours later, another white police officer shoots a black man in St. Paul, Minnesota. St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez claims that he shot Philando Castile because of the presence of a gun, not because of race.

Police across the nation are under close scrutiny over what some see as police brutality and use of deadly force against blacks. However, some protestors have decided to take circumstances beyond the Black Lives Matter movement and take matters into their own hands and address what they see as the problem, killing white police officers.

What seems like a domino affect, authorities in Tennessee say a man opened fire on a highway to target police officers and others because he was troubled by incidents involving black people and law enforcement officers. Lakeem Keon Scott, a 37-year old black army veteran, is accused of shooting at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway in response to the recent police killings of African-Americans. One woman was killed and three others injured, including a police officer, all who were white.

The country woke up just days ago to hear the news that veteran Micah Xavier Johnson, 25 of Mesquite, Texas, was killed by a Dallas bomb squad robot after he killed five officers, wounded many others and sent screaming crowds scrambling for cover at a protest in downtown Dallas. All in retaliation of the recent shootings of black men by white police officers.


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Even though police brutality cases are surfacing at record numbers, not everyone in our country feels law enforcement is the enemy. In recent days since the shootings, there have been rallies to celebrate law enforcement officers who risk their lives each day to protect citizens. People in Dallas lined up to hug police officers to show their support. Many of those people were black.

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March 9th, 2016

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